First Time Jack Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

First Time Jack Rabbit Vibrator - Pink

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First Time... Velvety Soft Pleasure Products Designed for First Time or Experienced Users. Make it a Memorable Experience, with the First Time Collection.

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well made reliable

happy with this product overall. in regard to the vendor not so much i ordered a discontinued product because nowhere was it marked as discontinued. paid for the product revived nothing in response or return in spite of 1/2 dozen attempts by phone and by email to make contact with the vendor

Anonymous - October 29 2020

My naughty bunny

Call this my naughty bunny, cause it gets me to have dirty thoughts. Whisks me away to cum drunk heaven with all the sensations it provides. Best vibe by far as of yet.

Anonymous - February 12 2015

Lot bigger than expected

This was literally my first time buying a dildo and since it said first time, I thought it would be perfect. Sadly, it's actually too big/thick to insert inside me and trying to do so hurts. The rabbit ears are amazing and the different sorts of vibration feel great but I wouldn't actually recommend for a virgin or a beginner to vaginal penetration.

Anonymous - December 19 2014

Awesome clit vibe

It's my very first jack rabbit vibe and i'm in love with it. Never been able to have orgasms when having intercourse, so after my partner cums i use this one so i can have an orgasm too. Those bunny ears makes me have an orgasm really fast and it's really strong too.

Anonymous - December 9 2014

first orgasm in one minute

With my other vibrators it can take up to a good fifteen to twenty minutes to reach an orgasm. But i don't know what it is with this one,,, maybe the vibes are stronger in the shaft and ears than usual, or maybe the stroker beads are an extra big turn-on. Anyway, i had a climax in less than a minute and that's never, ever happened to me before. Actually i was able to have another one right after the first one, but the second climax took about five minutes.

Anonymous - November 4 2014


this is my first jack rabbit vibe and i'm completely in love with it. It's everything it says it is and more. I recommend this sex toy to all beginners who wants to have an outstanding solo session with tons of orgasmic pleasures every time you indulge.

Anonymous - October 18 2014

Great first toy

All of my gf's have rabbit vibes and i'm the last one to get one. i wish they'd pressured me into getting one much sooner, cause OMG, couldn't be much more exciting,,, and the orgasms i would have using my fingers isn't even close to the orgasms you have from a vibrator. The simultaneous clit teasing and vaginal massage is simply to die for. Plus all the settings are fun to play around with

Anonymous - October 6 2014


This sex toy should have a warning on it! When i first got it, i used it over an hour straight cause i didn't want all that pleasure i received from it to end. I ended up with a rather swollen and sore vagina and clit for over using it, but i have no regrets what so ever. I think forgetting to put gel allover the shaft had some part in me getting sore. I stayed away from it for a couple of days, the longest days ever mind you.

Anonymous - September 23 2014

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